Transport de charges


Description generale du DEPLACEMENT DE CHARGES

MiR1000 is designed to automate and optimize the internal transportation of heavy duties and pallets. With a total payload of 1000 kg, this is MiR’s most powerful robot, and even in highly dynamic environments it can transport heavy loads without any exterior safety measures.

Optimizes your internal transportation of heavy loads and pallets and allows employees to focus on higher-value activities.

A safe and efficient alternative to traditional forklifts and trucks.

Extremely flexible and can be redeployed for different tasks with customized topmodules.

Maneuvers safely and efficiently around people and obstacles in even highly dynamic environments

Requires no changes to existing facility.

User-friendly interface that can be programmed without prior experience.

All software is included and requires no additional IT infrastructure.

Applications Transport de charges

Transport de palettes

Transport de palettes

En action

L'avantage d'utiliser des AGVs

  • Bla bla bla.
  • Dimensions personnalisables (longueur, largeur, hauteur).
  • Nombres de convoyeurs embarqués personnalisables.
  • Séparations entre les tapis fixes ou escamotables (pour s’adapter à la largeur des objets).
  • Charges jusqu’à 100kg par objet.
  • Chargement statiques (mono ou multi objets)
  • Déchargement statique ou dynamique.
  • Navigation intelligente et trajectoires optimisées (pas d’arrêts nécessaires pour les modifications de direction: virages, translation ,..).

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