Our conveyors are sourced from the best French and European manufacturers.


Partnership with major market players.


From products developed in-house (including the ENJOY ROBOTICS range) or sourced from the best French and European manufacturers.


From Enjoy WCS©: sorting rules, routing, tracking, supervision (SCADA) and production statistics.

integration of handling equipment, sorters and mobile robots


ENJOY SORTING is the division which manages the integration of automated and robotized transit solutions from standard "bricks":

Conveyance, sourced from the best French and European manufacturers
Identification (dimensions, weight, volume, bar codes and QR codes on 1 to 6 sides)
Sorting systems, from products developed internally (care pushers© and/or AMR from the X-Belt© range) or sourced from the best French and European manufacturers for high speed
Control and IT interfaces, from Enjoy WCS© for sorting and routing rules, tracking, supervision (SCADA), radio frequency terminal control, reporting, production statistics...

  • Freedom and independence to choose the most suitable equipment for each function.
  • Experienced engineers, able to understand the subtleties of each process.
  • The power and agility of ENJOY WCS© to orchestrate all IT functions.
  • The ability to integrate mobile robots with internal mastery of mobile robots and their environments for efficient, sustainable, and transparent integration.
  • An agile structure, a powerful network of partners, and modular products provide a strong capacity to deploy our solutions across Europe.


Sorter 2 000 parcels/h
Customer WMS interfacing
1D/2D identification by COGNEX camera
4 configurable sorting lines
Deployment of ENJOY WCS©.

Work in progress for the sorting of :

4500 parcels/h
14 exits to 28 docks
3 outlets to manual picking agencies
Up to 1200 mm long and 800 mm wide
Automatic labelling

1000 parcels / h
Sorting by conveyor
Pusher sorter with 5 outlets
Barcode reading
Deployment of ENJOY WCS©.

Reception / Storage

2400 parcels/h
Automatic "Box turning" module
Addition of transitic circuit
PLC and WCS retrofit
Optimization of the reception process
Deployment of ENJOY WCS©.

Mechanized courier agency

4,500 parcels/hour in concentration/shipping
3 manual sorting lines
7 truck/light truck unloading docks
Robust mechanics compatible with the mail flow
Deployment of ENJOY WCS©.


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